Need an employee photo album? Two ways Lifetouch makes it easy
August 28, 2019
Need an employee photo album? Two ways Lifetouch makes it easy
August 28, 2019

Need great company headshots? 10 reasons to hire a skilled professional

Perhaps your company plans to boost its self-marketing by posting compelling headshots of staff members across its website and social media.

That’s a smart idea, and could work very effectively to introduce clients and potential clients to the wealth of talent at your organization. However, the entire plan could backfire if your company opts to recruit the college intern and photo hobbyist, to oversee the photography by snapping casual shots out of your corporate storage room.

The last thing you need is underwhelming staff photos that give viewers a less-than-stellar impression of your team. If your photography is worth doing, it’s worth doing right — created by professionals who are skilled with equipment, knowledgeable about lighting and well-versed in all the other variables that can keep your team appearing at its absolute best.

Done correctly, professional employee headshots can be optimized for everything from your website to blogs to advertising collateral to press releases to business cards to social media posts. They can reinforce your company identity, build company credibility and reinforce people-to-people connections with clients.

“The type of photo that’s right for your business is a branding decision,” advises Kate Harrison in Forbes. “Regardless of the business you are in, a blurry or poorly cropped picture conveys a sense of sloppiness and a lack of attention to detail that carries over to your organization’s reputation.”

Some other key reasons for choosing a professional photographer for staff photos:

  • Most professionals have highly developed people skills; they know how to put subjects at ease, how to suggest different poses, angles and expressions and how to provide other key direction for optimal images.

  • Their training and experience prepares them to handle the technical, logistical and interpersonal challenges that can pop up during photo sessions. Because they're used to unexpected issues, they tend to come prepared with extra equipment, extra materials and a "plan B" for contingencies.

  • Pros often use continuing education to stay apprised of new industry information and techniques.

  • Pros know how to make the corrections that can improve photo quality in both the studio and the lab.

  • Professionals use sophisticated, high-quality equipment that’s more likely to produce high-quality photos.

  • Professionals are accustomed to deadlines, contracts and having to stay on task to preserve their business reputation.

  • Professionals can easily provide different photo sizes depending on how images will be used.

  • Most professionals love what they do and consider themselves artists; as such, they tend to take pride in their work and to remain as vested in the process as their customers.

  • Professional photographers provide consistent execution you can count on. This helps keep your branding consistent so you can build your company image through professional headshots.

When it comes to securing the quality staff photos you’ll want for marketing purposes, it’s wise to go straight to a trained, experienced professional who can make the project friction-free from start to finish. Talk to the experts at Lifetouch to learn more about what you should expect when aiming for quality corporate headshots.