Convincing leaders: 6 selling points for employee headshots
February 27, 2020
Convincing leaders: 6 selling points for employee headshots
February 27, 2020

5 factors: What to consider before getting company headshots

Maybe you’ve heard all about the benefits of creating and publishing company-wide headshots for your employees. After all, taking that step can create a positive sense of teamwork, make your staff feel recognized and valued and provide a wide range of opportunities to promote your brand.

In our digital age, potential customers often draw their first impressions about your company and your people from online sources. And research has proven that people’s first impressions tend to be their lasting impressions. That’s why well-designed staff photos can be so crucial in showcasing your brand as one of warmth, confidence and professionalism.

Here are other factors to think about if you’re considering an investment in company headshots.

Does my company need them?

Your firm may especially benefit from across-the-board headshots if your staff lacks a sense of unity and teamwork. Building a positive company culture can take a concentrated effort, but when you take time to single out and photograph every person on your staff you foster a sense of belonging — a feeling of being part of a greater whole — that can benefit everyone. You may also need company-wide photos if your marketing and/or PR departments could use appropriate people photos when creating company newsletters, press releases, website pages, pamphlets, etc.

Will my employees understand the value?

Anyone even moderately acquainted with the digital world should comprehend the importance of presenting a positive, personable and human company image. And they may especially appreciate the chance to obtain flattering, professionally rendered headshots for their own self-marketing purposes. Done correctly, your photo shoot will be a win for everyone.

Will taking the photos be too complicated?

That could be the case if you rely on a fly-by-night or inexperienced photographer to coordinate your company-wide project. That’s why you need to do your homework to find a proven, tried-and-true company that can manage the process from start to finish. A capable photography firm should be able to rally your staff, counsel them on what to wear, schedule multiple photo sessions, handle all logistics and deliver the finished product in a timely manner. Versatile photographers will make everything as easy as possible for your company by offering a choice of on- or off-site photo sessions and streamlining the process so your regular business flow goes uninterrupted.

How will we prepare our staff for the photo sessions?

You’ll want to let employees know ASAP about the time frame for your project to maximize the chances everyone will be able to participate. Closer to the time of the session, you’ll want to fill them in on optimal clothing, makeup and hairstyles and let them know exactly how photo sessions will proceed. If you hire a photographer that offers comprehensive services, the company will be able to take care of all that on your behalf.

How will the company use the photos?

The last thing you want to do is invest in employee photos and then leave them to languish in some online file. Before making the investment, you’ll want to talk to your marketing and/or PR people about putting them to their best possible use. Many companies create web pages and/or social media sites designed to fill in customers about which employees work in which roles. Some print custom business cards featuring employee images, while others use the shots strategically in promotional collateral, company wall displays, internal and external newsletters, etc. Of course, many employers also make them available for employees to use on their own social media pages and other off-work ventures.

Still have questions about the logistics of creating company-wide staff photos at your organization? Talk to the experts at Lifetouch to learn how seamless the process can be. Employee photos can provide many internal and external benefits to better position your company as it moves into the future.