Your staff as your brand: 10 marketing ideas for employee headshots
February 11, 2020
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February 27, 2020
Your staff as your brand: 10 marketing ideas for employee headshots
February 11, 2020
Convincing leaders: 6 selling points for employee headshots
February 27, 2020

On site vs. in studio headshots: Which option is best for your staff?

If you’re considering investing in company-wide photos of your employees, you may be uncertain about the logistics involved. Where, when and how will the headshots be taken? Who will do all the scheduling and follow-up? How will the instructions be communicated to staff? Will the project cause a huge disruption to the everyday work flow?

Those logistics may seem easier once you understand that companies like Lifetouch can take all the photos at your office, take them off site at a JCPenney studio or arrange for a combination of the two. Given the remote work options and flexible schedules now enjoyed by so many U.S. workers, that flexibility of location can be a huge convenience for you and your staff.

Further, on site and in studio photo sessions both offer advantages. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect with the different scenarios.

Create an event through on site photos

If you work with Lifetouch for on-premise employee headshots, you can expect our specialists to help you coordinate the project so it’s streamlined and friction-free for your staff. Employees may pose during work hours or during scheduled breaks, and the company may choose to turn the process into a fun, team-building event. Perhaps best of all, the images are captured in one fell swoop to minimize the chances of leaving anyone out.

In general, here’s what will happen with our on site plan:

  • You’ll consult with Lifetouch to choose the date(s) as well as the best on-premise location for setting up the temporary photo studio. To give our photographers direction, you’ll discuss your company brand, personality and core values and provide other details on how you’d like your staff to be visually represented
  • On photo day, Lifetouch will bring its top-notch equipment and experienced personnel to your site as planned, minimizing disruption to your regular company functions.
  • Lifetouch will follow up with your company as soon as your digital images are prepared and ready, allowing you to use the headshots for I.D. badges, press releases, company newsletters, employee recognition, social media sites, etc.

Convey convenience: Optimize off site opportunities

The process can be just as seamless if you decide it’s easier for your employees to schedule their own photo sessions at JCPenney studios. Among the advantages, your staff won’t be distracted at work by the photography process, the setting may feel more private and they’ll have more control over how, when and where they’ll get their headshots taken.

These are the usual steps:

  • You’ll consult with Lifetouch to set the parameters of your project and define how the images will reflect your company brand, personality and core values.
  • Employees are asked to visit the JCPenney website to schedule a photography appointment at the studio location that’s most convenient for them. Your company chooses whether or not to enable appointments during working hours. Lifetouch manages your project to encourage optimal participation and make the photography easy and enjoyable for your staff.
  • Lifetouch delivers images to your company.

The power of choice: Give staff both options

A third alternative is to establish and promote certain times Lifetouch photographers will be in your office, but allow staff to select their own dates and times for off site sessions if they prefer. That compromise can be a win-win for all, since employees can then complete their photography “assignments” in whichever way they’re most comfortable.

The bottom line? Lifetouch will work with your company to come up with the photography plan and location that’s ideal for you and your staff. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible, and to deliver the stellar-quality digital images you’ve come to expect from the Lifetouch name.

Contact the experts at Lifetouch today to discuss how you can start reaping the benefits of company-wide staff headshots.