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October 30, 2019
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February 5, 2020

How to use headshots to build company culture

In an era when competition for talent is especially fierce, employers are doing everything possible to create company cultures that make their people feel welcomed, acknowledged and valued.

That’s a strong reason to consider creating a company-wide photo shoot for all your employees. Not only can it become a fun, collaborative event that draws co-workers together, but the resulting photos can be used for a variety of other purposes that promote positive company culture.

Research by WeWork indicates most people in the U.S. prefer a collaborative workplace experience, and that regular collaboration also lets employees feel more productive.

“The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office,” advises Brian Scudamore in Forbes. “Activities that overtly aim to draw in leadership lessons or practical takeaways are less powerful. Spending time together, sharing an experience or working towards a common goal allows bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively.”

Get to know your co-workers resource: A tactical team-building tool

Here are some other possible benefits to staging a company photo shoot.

It can make employees feel validated

Depending on how separated or compartmentalized your employees are at your firm, some may feel less important or vital to your business than others. But creating a company resource that features each person’s headshot, name and job title can make everyone feel like they have a crucial role on your team.

It can help employees remember one another

Especially in larger companies, it can be all too easy to lose track of the fact we’re working with a range of other human beings with their own lives, interests and motivations. A visual display of all your employees and/or the inclusion of headshots in company newsletters may encourage everyone on your team to learn each other’s names and roles so they can communicate more effectively and/or more frequently.

It can create a sense of inclusion for remote workers

A new global study by IWG shows 70% of employees work remotely at least once a week, while 50% work remotely for at least half of their work weeks. Another U.S. study indicates 70% of remote workers feel left out of the workplace, and their greatest complaint is inadequate communication practices. A comprehensive employee registry that lists everyone’s names, faces, email addresses and phone numbers could go a long way toward informing everyone who their coworkers are, regardless of whether they work remotely or on site.

It can reinforce your company brand

In a perfect world, you want clients, vendors and others involved in your business to perceive your brand as friendly, polite, positive and competent. When you’re able to post, print or present professionally designed headshots that convey those qualities, you’re reinforcing your brand image as a whole. Studies have shown that when people review your brand online, they ultimately make their decisions based on what they see. Photos can make a huge difference in their perceptions by fostering trust and helping people get to know you as a company.

It provides employees their own self-marketing tools

As part of your photo project, you can empower staff with their own well-rendered headshots they can use to present themselves positively on social media, press releases, business cards and other media. That provides greater options for self-marketing in a world where remote workers are increasingly mixing their personal and professional lives.

Ready to get started with your company-wide staff photography event? Talk to the experienced advisers at Lifetouch. We can walk you through the entire process, from scheduling individual photo sessions to advising your employees what to wear to optimizing poses, background and lighting. Perhaps best of all, everything can be handled right at your office. Contact us today to learn more about our photography options and determine whether an on-site or off-site program is best for you.