How to use headshots to build company culture
January 29, 2020
Your staff as your brand: 10 marketing ideas for employee headshots
February 11, 2020
How to use headshots to build company culture
January 29, 2020
Your staff as your brand: 10 marketing ideas for employee headshots
February 11, 2020

8 criteria to seek in a professional headshot photographer

If your company has decided to move forward with investing in professional headshots of all your employees, congratulations! A comprehensive listing of the names and faces that run your company can offer loads of benefits, including a boosting of your brand, better collaboration between employees and opportunities for staff members to promote themselves personally and professionally.

Photographer Jorge Rocha notes that headshots have become more than simple visual images. Among other things, they can be virtual logos for our personal brands.

“Everything from a perceived intelligence level to social status can be conveyed through a headshot,” he advises on “It’s paramount to be aware of these aspects and give considerable thought to the image you want to convey to the world, and also recognize what is most appropriate.”

As such, your next step will be to shop around for a reliable photography company that can efficiently and effectively handle that scope of work so you don’t have to micromanage the entire effort. Here are some criteria to consider as you check out different photographers.

Stellar references and samples of previous work

The photographer should have multiple examples of theirits ability to manage company-wide photography projects from start to finish while turning out excellent-quality headshots that portray people professionally and attractively. When in doubt, conduct due diligence by contacting their references and asking pointed questions about their experiences.

Expertise in lighting, backgrounds and poses

Talk to the photographer about how they direct subjects, manipulate lighting and adjust tools to create the best possible headshots for each individual.

Comprehensive range of services

In a perfect world your photographer will be able to handle your entire company-wide project, from advising subjects on dress, hair and makeup to scheduling appointments to seamlessly managing each photo shoot to efficiently delivering the final product. The project should not require significant oversight from your company leaders, nor should it disrupt day-to-day company affairs.

On or off site capabilities

Perhaps your staff would appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to pose for their photos right at your office, so all they need to do is take a few minutes from their agendas to step away from their desks. In other cases, you may want the entire project to take place off-site to keep it separate from work functions. In a third scenario, your employees may be better served by having a choice of on site or off-site photo sessions. In summary, having a choice of photography venues can be a huge benefit for your company.

Ability to make subjects comfortable

The photographers working directly with your employees should be skilled at putting them at ease during their photo sessions. Since people can get uncomfortable when their appearance is under scrutiny, the photography process will work best when handled by professionals who are friendly and easygoing.

Great reviews

Take time to check out what others have said about the photographer on online review sites. While there are two sides to every story, look for red flags and try to gain a basic understanding of how the company is regarded by the public.

Longevity in the field

Avoid fly-by-night companies that may or may not be in business tomorrow, and instead seek a photographer that has some history (and success) behind it. Firms that have been in business over time didn’t get there by ignoring trends and supplying shoddy goods and services.

Favorable prices

Finally, conduct some price comparisons, making sure to compare apples to apples. If applicable, factor in the convenience afforded by having the photographer manage the entire process and take the photos on or off site as needed.

At Lifetouch we can customize your company photo project to your needs, either bringing our staff and equipment directly to your site or inviting your employees to make session appointments at our local facilities. Request a free quote online.