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August 26, 2019
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Need an employee photo album? Two ways Lifetouch makes it easy

In terms of building credibility and trust with your customers, photos of your team members can make a huge impact when used strategically in your marketing materials.

Thanks in part to the influence of social media, people increasingly expect to be able to link faces with names while building working relationships and interacting professionally with others. Further, those who view faces of your team members may find it easier to engage with them, since research indicates people find it easier to remember faces than names.

That’s why photos that show your people at their professional best can be so effective in boosting your company image as one of openness, authenticity and transparency.

“Pictures help us transform from a faceless company to people customers can relate to,” entrepreneur James Dunworth recently told the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). “The personal service we as a small company offer to customers is one advantage we have over large companies. Photos of our staff reinforce this.”

The best part? Lifetouch makes it easy

Fortunately, the process of gathering and optimizing staff headshots is made ultra-convenient through Lifetouch. That’s because we can offer you two options based on the scenario most convenient to you: In-house services where we come to your organization, or in-studio services coordinated through JCPenney Portraits.

With our off-site offering, we organize your entire campaign by inviting your team members to sign up (online or by phone) to visit one of our 450 locations nationwide at their convenience. Your pricing is based on the size of your staff and the packages you choose. You can choose backgrounds and poses based on company guidelines, or let your people make those decisions based on their personal preferences.

Your team members are offered key advice on how to look their best in the photos. (Hint: Think solid colors and subtle patterns.) Then, they’re given pre-paid portrait session certificates they can use to schedule private photo sessions at the time and location of their choice.

In studio, our professional photographers optimize each employee’s session by arranging for the lighting, backgrounds, angles and poses that will help create the best possible images. Afterward, the high-resolution digital photos are professionally retouched to minimize imperfections. The finished products are emailed to you within five to seven days, along with copyright releases for unlimited use.

With the in-house version, you need only contact us and arrange a time for us to set up a temporary studio at your facilities. After that, the process is much the same — we coordinate photo sessions, coach photo subjects, conduct touch-ups and provide the photo packages of your choice.

Afterward, you can optimize the photos for a wide variety of promotional purposes. You may wish to start by creating an employee album on your company website, then move on to using individual shots on company recruiting sites, in annual reports, in press releases, in client presentations and in brochures. They can also come in very handy for internal news publications and employee recognition efforts.

Learn more about how easy it can be to create an employee photo album by contacting the experts at Lifetouch.